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The gentle rustle of trees and the singing of birds hidden in their limbs, the water sparkling in the sun, the stimulating smell of coffee and warm wooden boards of the pier are a recipe for the perfect morning, which you can enjoy over and over again if you visit Las! If you are looking for accommodation in Kashubia at the lake, to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city and the rush of everyday life, you should stay longer in Borowy Młyn at the blue lake, Gwiazdy.

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If you dream of undisturbed silence, you should look at the north of Poland. Here, at the Gwiazdy Lake, you will experience on your own what it means to hear “ringing in the ears”. When you go cycling along scenic routes, trekking in a fragrant forest full of treasures, swimming in a refreshing lake, or simply you sit on the grass with a book, you will also feel how the time is slowing down.

Choose one from 10 rooms, which will surprise you with comfort, quaint arrangement and an atmosphere that enables a full relax. Check how much Kashubia has to offer – accommodation by the lake brings an exceptional peace of mind.

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Private coastline of the crystal clear Gwiazdy Lake, located right next to the facility
Extremely comfortable living room with a fireplace, a bookcase and board games
Spacious dining room and well-equipped kitchen where you can cook tasty meals
Conference room, enabling to run inspiring trainings and integration meetings
Place for an atmospheric, holiday-smelling campfire and a tasty grill
Water equipment rental which can be used on over 260 ha area of the lake

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The forest you want to come back to

The Kashubia region has clean rivers, warm lakes and beautiful forests. Our facility is located nearby the forest thickets, which delight with their mysterious charm at any time of the year: in autumn, when the conifer needles hide beautiful boletus and tasty bolete mushrooms, in winter, when white fluff ornaments the branches, in spring, during which birds give amazing concerts, and finally in summer, when everywhere it smells of resin, and the trees shelter from the sun and rustle pleasantly.

The forest by the Gwiazdy Lake encourages to long walks. Those lonely ones, full of silence and own thoughts, as well as those with children playing with sticks, collecting cones and listening to cuckoos are exceptional. Trekking among trees, along the shoreline, will give you a break you, and contact with nature will make all the stresses of everyday life seem small and distant.

Searching for the best place for a solo vacation, a romantic honeymoon and a trip with children, as well as a recipe for a happy May long weekend, charming Christmas, a relaxing long weekend, winter holidays and vacations, you should visit Kashubia – cheap accommodation in Las Apartments, in a facility surrounded by water and forests, is literally everything you want.

Apartamenty Las Borowy Młyn

The astonishing blue of the water

Gwiôzdë is a charming and crystal clear lake, by which Las Apartments Las are located. Bathing in it is a pleasure that cannot be denied both in summer, when the water heats up quickly, and… in winter, when it is ice-bound.

Its huge area and connection with the river encourage to do sports – if you like to spend time actively, you can use our water equipment rental in spring and summer, or try an ice swimming in winter. When you are more interested in sweet laziness, you will surely enjoy endless moments on the pier, lawn chair or grass, during which you will occupy yourself with reading, reflection, observation of glossy dragonflies or you will simply do the serene nothing.

The Gwiazdy Lake has a beautiful shoreline, part of which belongs to Las. Thanks to this, our guests can enjoy its charms at any time of the day or night. When you visit us, try to start the day slowly drinking aromatic coffee on the pier, and in the evening go by the water to observe the stars that seem to be closer to the Earth in Borowy Młyn… As it is at the lake, remember about insect repellent – unless you love extremely close contact with nature!

Jezioro Gwiazdy Apartamenty Las

A space where there is everything

In our facility you will find everything you need to make your dream of escape from everyday life come true. Next to comfortable and clean rooms, the design of which refers to the local nature, guests can also use, for example, well-equipped dining room and kitchen. We have fitted them with equipment that any kitchen master would be proud of – you can easily prepare your favorite dishes or meals for the whole family there. Put something on the grill grate on warm spring and summer evenings, and meet your loved ones by the fire any time of the year, roasting sausages and burying potatoes in the cinder.

Hide in our living room under the blanket with a cup of aromatic tea on rainy or colder days. It is equipped with comfortable furniture and a fireplace in which the fire roars pleasantly. Use this time the way you like best – playing board games with your loved ones, reading a gripping detective story or other items from our bookcase, listening to your cherished music or taking a nap.

Las Apartments are more than just private accommodation – Kashubia at the lake is also a great place for integration meetings, trainings for employees and company events. You can rent all rooms only for coworkers and use the full potential of a modern conference room. In the environment of nature, knowledge comes to mind faster and it is easier to make friends and strengthen relationships – so necessary on the way to success.

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