A space where there is everything

07 October 2021

In our facility you will find everything you need to make your dream of escape from everyday life come true. Next to comfortable and clean rooms, the design of which refers to the local nature, guests can also use, for example, well-equipped dining room and kitchen. We have fitted them with equipment that any kitchen master would be proud of – you can easily prepare your favorite dishes or meals for the whole family there. Put something on the grill grate on warm spring and summer evenings, and meet your loved ones by the fire any time of the year, roasting sausages and burying potatoes in the cinder.

Hide in our living room under the blanket with a cup of aromatic tea on rainy or colder days. It is equipped with comfortable furniture and a fireplace in which the fire roars pleasantly. Use this time the way you like best – playing board games with your loved ones, reading a gripping detective story or other items from our bookcase, listening to your cherished music or taking a nap.

Las Apartments are more than just private accommodation – Kashubia at the lake is also a great place for integration meetings, trainings for employees and company events. You can rent all rooms only for coworkers and use the full potential of a modern conference room. In the environment of nature, knowledge comes to mind faster and it is easier to make friends and strengthen relationships – so necessary on the way to success.