The astonishing blue of the water

07 October 2021

Gwiôzdë is a charming and crystal clear lake, by which Las Apartments Las are located. Bathing in it is a pleasure that cannot be denied both in summer, when the water heats up quickly, and… in winter, when it is ice-bound.

Its huge area and connection with the river encourage to do sports – if you like to spend time actively, you can use our water equipment rental in spring and summer, or try an ice swimming in winter. When you are more interested in sweet laziness, you will surely enjoy endless moments on the pier, lawn chair or grass, during which you will occupy yourself with reading, reflection, observation of glossy dragonflies or you will simply do the serene nothing.

The Gwiazdy Lake has a beautiful shoreline, part of which belongs to Las. Thanks to this, our guests can enjoy its charms at any time of the day or night. When you visit us, try to start the day slowly drinking aromatic coffee on the pier, and in the evening go by the water to observe the stars that seem to be closer to the Earth in Borowy Młyn… As it is at the lake, remember about insect repellent – unless you love extremely close contact with nature!