The forest you want to come back to

07 October 2021

The Kashubia region has clean rivers, warm lakes and beautiful forests. Our facility is located nearby the forest thickets, which delight with their mysterious charm at any time of the year: in autumn, when the conifer needles hide beautiful boletus and tasty bolete mushrooms, in winter, when white fluff ornaments the branches, in spring, during which birds give amazing concerts, and finally in summer, when everywhere it smells of resin, and the trees shelter from the sun and rustle pleasantly.

The forest by the Gwiazdy Lake encourages to long walks. Those lonely ones, full of silence and own thoughts, as well as those with children playing with sticks, collecting cones and listening to cuckoos are exceptional. Trekking among trees, along the shoreline, will give you a break you, and contact with nature will make all the stresses of everyday life seem small and distant.

Searching for the best place for a solo vacation, a romantic honeymoon and a trip with children, as well as a recipe for a happy May long weekend, charming Christmas, a relaxing long weekend, winter holidays and vacations, you should visit Kashubia – cheap accommodation in Las Apartments, in a facility surrounded by water and forests, is literally everything you want.